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Years in the Making, U.S.-China Trade Conflict Takes Center Stage

In an interconnected world with faster, more efficient trade flows and supply chains, the perception is often that the protectionist countries stand alone, erecting economic barriers that isolate them from the global community. Global trade is a sign of prosperity and benefits to consumers who gain access to a diverse array of goods and services, often striking a more favorable balance between price and quality. Those who question such prosperity often garner admonishment from heads of government, economists, or the media, among others.

However, globalism, or any particular system for that matter, is imperfect. Some countries or individuals benefit at the expense of others, breaking rules or violating trade agreements as they gather wealth and influence.…

To Be Held to a Higher Standard in Business

According to the Global Ethics Network, moral leadership is when an individual puts the needs of the many above his/her own and leads through persuasion, motivation, self-awareness and, most importantly, their own actions. Similarly, the Centre for Ethical Leadership defines ethical leadership as converting the values of justice, integrity, and respect into effective actions during complex and dynamic situations. More often than not, businesses find themselves in the headlines due to their financial performance rather than their moral and ethical leadership. When they do appear in the news for the latter reasons, we often ignore the headlines or give businesses and their leaders the benefit of the doubt. Recently,…

Populism: Back from the Margins of Global Politics

The return of populism to the forefront of global politics isn’t a shift of world order but does mark a turn in modern history. The world has seen a surge of populist activity in recent years, threatening to undermine democracy and liberalism in its best philosophical sense. The world must be reminded, however, that populism sniffs the air for fear and rides the tide against the existing mandate. As Winston Churchill said: “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Back from the margins of the political spectrum, populism relies on the same issues and same types of voters from history, and liberalism is tested once again.…

Midterm Elections 2018: A Tale of Two Chambers

On November 6, an estimated 113 million Americans took to the polls to vote in the highly anticipated 2018 midterm elections. This marked the first time in history that over 100 million votes were cast in a midterm election, with the 49 percent voter participation exceeding the 36.4 percent reported in 2014 and the 41 percent in 2010.

Despite the spike in this year’s participation and strong voter enthusiasm, these rates are consistently softer than the 55 to 62 percent generally observed for presidential or general elections, although those figures are not too impressive in themselves. Though voting is a civic duty and an essential component of a functioning democracy, we often find that registered voters simply do not show up every time or even half the time.…

Political Survey at Stern Reveals an Actively Engaged, Diverse Campus

With the recent November midterm elections, campus has been abuzz with get-out-the-vote campaigns and political energy. NYU President Hamilton’s September email urged students to vote and raise turnout above 2016’s 47.8 percent. At Stern, each block of first-year students worked to drive voter engagement through the Motivote competition. And, of course, pundits in the always-active media speculated themselves into a fervor in the run-up to Election Day.

Blast in a couple of beers and a long day of presentations and it’s hard not to stumble into a political discussion.

When chatting among friends and classmates, it is easy to assume everyone at NYU is on the same political page.…

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