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Donald Trump is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I’ve ever known

In one scene of the 1962 film The Manchurian Candidate, Frank Sinatra’s character Bennett Marco tells the U.S. Secretary of Defense, “Mister Secretary, I’m kind of new at this job, but I don’t think it’s good public relations to speak that way to a U.S. Senator, even if he is an idiot.”

We often err on the side of politically palatable as opposed to morally expedient. In recent weeks, I’ve pondered this as I’ve tried best to articulate my feelings on the current administration and its response to the greatest public health crisis to hit the United States in a century.…

We are willing to get our hair mussed

I watched baseball on Monday night. For a few minutes, after a weekend with temperatures in the high 70s and the national pastime on my TV, it finally felt like spring. I wasn’t in the stadium, but it looked like a beautiful day for a game. Then again, I honestly don’t know how warm it is in Busan this time of year.

I also didn’t know I was such an NC Dinos fan, but they’ve won just as many championships as the Mets in the past 30 years, so it feels right.

Seven weeks ago, the United States and South Korea were in a very similar place in terms of COVID-related fatalities, with each country recording around 90 of them.…

Outgoing SGov Presidents: “Change. We did it (we think)!”

By Rebecca Dewy and Sohail Mathur

This year, Stern updated its brand to “Change,” as a “call to action to thrive in today’s business world.” For most of our time as SGov Co-Presidents, an apt slogan could have been “Change. Drive it.” But with the arrival of the coronavirus and the many changes it has wrought on our community, a more appropriate phrase might be, “Change. Ride through it.” We are living in unprecedented times. Our Class of 2020 is finishing their Stern experience far from friends, professors are teaching from their home offices and living rooms, and all of us are now aware of how much privilege we had to walk freely through the world, travel, and generally enjoy the presence of others. …

End of an Era: Outgoing LSG President Sandy Moheban

There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes of Life at Stern. Like many, I’ve enjoyed countless events and programs in the Stern Community. I had the tremendous pleasure to speak to the woman behind it all, LSG President Sandy Moheban. April marks the final month of Sandy’s tenure, so we sat down with Sandy to talk about her time at NYU and her hopes for the next wave of Sternies and LSG.

Sandy’s been steeped in New York life, growing up in Great Neck Long Island and training into the city at any opportunity. When I asked her what brought her to Stern she said: “I went to NYU for undergrad and very quickly learned that Stern was the college to be in.

Lessons from Super Tuesday: Congratulations, Michael Bloomberg!

In the interest of transparent journalism, I feel obliged to inform you that I have never been to American Samoa and, in fact, know very little about it. I do hear Pago Pago is lovely this time of year, though, and if Tuesday night is any indication, Mike Bloomberg might want to consider buying a vacation property there. That is, assuming he doesn’t already own one.

I mean, he probably owns one.

Whether or not he does, it seems he’s pretty popular there after snagging the most interesting prize of Super Tuesday. Bloomberg ran away with the American Samoa Caucus, which had a whopping six delegates at stake.…

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