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The Graduate: Mayoral candidate and Stern alum Art Chang takes on City Hall

The Oppy is reconnecting with some prominent NYU Stern alumni with our ‘Graduate’ series. Each month, we’ll interview notable alumni that have made an impact on their community and industry. 

It’s generally considered poor form for a journalist to eat lunch during an interview. I’m not proud of violating that principle, but fortunately for me, the subject of this sitdown was 2021 New York Mayoral candidate Art Chang.

“Oh, you can go ahead and take ten minutes to eat if you want,” he said before noting that he, too, had his lunch waiting on the side.

For a man with years of experience in city development, tech startups, and New York’s municipal government, Chang (Stern MBA, 1998) is almost disarmingly lax in conversation.…

The EV revolution: can Biden take us the last mile?

By Nicolaus Schmandt

113 years after Henry Ford’s first Model T rolled off the assembly line in Michigan, combustion engines remain the dominant means of moving a vehicle. For technology to last more than a century is an impressive run. Compared to phones, computers, and personal electronics, multiple iterations of which are unrecognizable and unusably primitive today, cars have remained surprisingly consistent. 

But, finally, the end seems to be coming with Ford planning to put its last gasoline engine in a car in 2034, after which all vehicles produced by Ford will be electric. That’s around the time several governments, including California and most of Europe, are saying they will ban the sale of gas vehicles.…

The Ballad of Liz Cheney

Let it never be said that a Republican Party led by Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell, operating under a decade-long strategy of opposing literally anything a Democratic President proposes, cannot achieve something remarkable.

They’ve gotten me to defend Liz Cheney.

To be clear, while The Oppy is not meant to be a guide for your personal beliefs nor do my columns represent the opinions of anyone else who has written for it, I disagree with virtually everything Liz Cheney supports that doesn’t revolve around naming a post office. Well, except for that post office.

You know the one I’m talking about.…

The Covid relief bill: Better than a spontaneous getaway to Mexico

Yeah, Ted. I know. Mexico is fun as long as you don’t get called home within 24 hours. Granted, I’ve never been to any of those resorts in Cabo or wherever – my spring breaks in undergrad were far more muted – but I’ve been to Mexico City and I’d go back for the tacos alone. Even so, if you told me I could choose between a weekend jaunt to Tulum or the federal government passing a massive relief bill that will change the fabric of this country for the better, I’m going for the latter.

Some of you are definitely thinking I only feel that way because I’m a wonky political nerd who can’t just kick it and have a good time at Senor Frogs.…

Are you not entertained? Perfect.

As 2021 began, we found ourselves still grappling with a global pandemic, political division, and the psychological toll of riots on the Capitol. And then, my wife, a public school teacher, even in this time of remote learning, had a snow day. Two in fact.

Don’t let anyone tell you there isn’t good in this world.

That being said, while I truly believe snow days are one of childhood’s great rites of passage, I must admit I don’t love snow. It’s pretty for about 12 hours before the shoveling and slush make you wish you had a Space Laser to get rid of it all.…

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