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OppySpotlight: Jamie Bruno & Urban Agriculture Cooperative

The Oppy’s Spotlight Series exposes Sternies to writers, artists, and causes outside of our typical professional networks. This month’s article highlights Jamie Bruno, co-founder and Program Director of the Urban Agriculture Cooperative (UAC) based in Newark, NJ.

Jamie has worked in urban agriculture in Newark for the last eight years with various nonprofits. Outside of the UAC, Jamie is an Artist and Data Analyst. She served the Greater Newark Conservancy as their first Foodcorps Service Member between 2014-2015. In 2017, Jamie helped to develop creative messaging for green infrastructure and environmental education projects as a Resident Artist with Lower Raritan Watershed Partnership and coLAB Arts in New Brunswick, NJ under a National Endowment for the Arts Grant.…

Stern Hobbies: Hive Talkin’

As part of our new “Stern Hobbies” series, The Oppy is taking a look at off-the-beaten-path interests among some of our classmates at Stern. If you have a hobby you would like to write or be interviewed about, please e-mail the Oppy at Today’s feature is a Q&A with Langone student Owen Lee.

Owen Lee, in the most “B-School” way possible, is quick to note he’s a hands-off beekeeper.

“For millions of years bees have managed themselves pretty well,” Lee says. “I’m not adding a lot of value.”

But when you hear him espouse his laissez-faire philosophy, you can’t help but wonder if, perhaps, he’s buried the lede.…

The (St)Art of Public Speaking: Body Language

Some people are innately good at public speaking, but the rest of us, unfortunately, have to work at it. It has never been something I’ve felt proficient in, and thanks to some free time during the pandemic, it’s a skill I’m trying to develop. From reading books, to listening to podcasts, and sometimes talking to myself (all in the name of practice of course), I am sharing some things I learn in this series for The Oppy.

Part 2: Body Language

Body language is the component of public speaking that has nothing to do with talking but sets an orator up for either success or failure.…

The Amazing Story of Captain Kidd

Six months of quarantine can do a lot to a person. For anyone who loves dogs, you probably know it was pretty hard to get a foster pup in 2020. Luckily for me and my partner, we were able to get a cute, 2-year old pitty named Captain Kidd in September. I say lucky now, but it was more of a roller coaster of happy, stressed, delighted, and then finally, lucky.

When we first picked up Captain Kidd from the PSPCA, he was a bit jumpy and leashy, but he had the cutest smile on his face. He also had a pretty bad limp on his front right leg.…

From Major to MBA

By Darwin Castillo

My training and unique experiences in the military have led me to become a better physician, educator, and leader. Growing up, I never would have seen myself in the military since I envisioned a career in a quiet laboratory, researching treatments for rare diseases. Throughout college and years after, I worked as a research scientist at the University of California – San Francisco, The Salk Institute, and The University of Tokyo. Transitioning into clinical medicine became an obvious choice when the highlights of my work schedule were weekly visits to operating rooms, emergency departments, and clinical offices to obtain samples and data for my research projects.…

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