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A Few Thoughts on SXSW 2017

Through a B-School Student Lens, It Almost Writes Itself

Each year, thousands of people gather in Austin for one of the year’s highlight events for techie and creative types alike–and there’s no shortage of business insight for a Sternie to find in the shuffle. Here are a few points I couldn’t ignore:

SXSW was more of a logistic nightmare than it usually is.

In case Twitter hasn’t already made this apparent through one meme too many, people were panicking in Austin when they opened their Uber and Lyft apps to get around for SXSW. Austin voted to increase regulation on background checks for Uber and Lyft drivers in May 2016.…

Freud: A Local Gem

Freud: A Local Gem

From Schnitz’wich to Cocktails, the Austrian–Viennese Experience in Greenwich Village

Jonathan Koo, AVP of Advertising and MBA Class of 2018

Freud, a quaint, understated restaurant, is located on La Guardia Place in the heart of Greenwich Village. Its cuisine, a contemporary take on Austrian-Viennese classics, includes authentic dishes such as Wiener Schnitzel and Octopus Gulasch. The chef boasts Michelin-starred credentials. On Sundays, they feature live jazz during brunch.

I popped in for a quick bite and a quiet space to study for my Global Economy midterm on a Tuesday evening during happy hour (seemed like the logical thing to do after hearing Scott Galloway rant about his AMEX Black Card for 3 hours straight).…

Why a Women’s Scholarship Matters

Why a Women’s Scholarship Matters

By Julianne Helinek, MBA Class of 2017

Stern announced a new scholarship for women earlier this month. The Advancing Women in Business scholarships will cover one year of tuition and fees for select women in the Class of 2019, and the initial $1 million fund was made possible by a group of prominent female alumnae and board members.

This sounds like a great thing for Stern, and it is, but it’s much more than a feel-good nod to diversity on the part of the administration. One million extra dollars for women could make a tangible difference in the Stern community as early as this fall.…

The Odds of Impeachment

The Odds of Impeachment

Frank Polley, MBA Class of 2018


It’s a headline that many people want to wake up and see sprawled across the WSJ front page any day now. It’s also a headline that, based off the increasingly breathless and apocalyptic media coverage of the Trump administration, seems increasingly imminent to some. Wanting or even expecting something to happen, however, is a different enterprise than predicting exactly how likely it is to occur.

A quick Google search of “Donald Trump impeach” yields such results as “Will Donald Trump Get Impeached?…

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