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Skill responsible for 50% of your success at a consulting case interview

By Peter K

Creating a solid opening structure for a case is part of the basics despite regular hype around it. Strong brainstorming and math are also just fundamental skills, not exceptional. If you are great at frameworks, ideation, and calcs, you will just match the expectations of your interviewers, but it won’t be enough to secure an offer.

Case interview isn’t about solving a case (the majority of candidates usually solve their cases). It is about your ability to talk.


Basic: “In my first bucket, I’d like to explore the client’s airline market and analyze four areas – market size, its growth rate, competitive landscape, and typical profitability.…

Moderna’s Race for a Covid Vaccine: A Fireside Chat with Lavina Talukdar, Head of Investor Relations

On November 4th, Stern Healthcare Association (SHA) hosted a fireside chat with Moderna’s Head of Investor Relations, Lavina Talukdar. Ms.Talukdar joined Moderna in April 2019 after 20 years as a biotech and healthcare investor. She is an expert in the niche market of investment procurement for mRNA development. Professor Viral Acharya moderated the discussion. Professor Acharya is the C.V. Starr Professor of Economics in the Department of Finance at Stern and an Academic Advisor to the Federal Reserve Banks of New York and Philadelphia. The week of the event, he published a paper on the economic value a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine would bring to society. …

The (St)Art of Public Speaking: The Elevator Pitch

Some people are innately good at public speaking but the rest of us, unfortunately, have to work at it. It has never been something I have felt proficient in and thanks to some free time during the pandemic, it is a skill that I’m trying to develop. From reading books, to listening to podcasts, and sometimes talking to myself (all in the name of practice of course), I am going to share some of the things I learn in the next few issues of The Oppy.

Part 1: The Elevator Pitch

In business school, the importance of an elevator pitch is hammered into us.…

Virtual Races: fleeting trend or here to stay?

I won’t deny that I was not originally a fan of virtual races and I may not be completely convinced, but for us running junkies, it’s been something to do this year. 

Fall goes hand-in-hand with distance running for cross country runners and marathoners all over. High school and college cross country teams practice and compete through the hills of various parks. Marathoners tie up their laces for early morning runs and humblebrag to anyone who will listen about the 26.2 miles that they are about to embark on. The crisp air and crunchy leaves after a humid summer leads to the optimal runner’s high.…

The Pandemic Blues

I think we can all agree that the past seven months have not been easy for anyone. Humans are, for the most part, social creatures, so it’s difficult to maintain an emotional equilibrium when we lose regular contact with others. Zoom just doesn’t cut it. Many of us have noted more lability in our moods, and some may even consider themselves depressed. This is all normal and even to be expected. In fact, the medical community has a term for it – adjustment disorder.

Adjustment disorders are stress-related conditions. When an individual experiences more stress than usual, related to an event or circumstances, it can trigger an emotional response and some neurochemical variability, leading to sustained feelings of being blue.…

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