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Posts published in “Stern Somebody”

Stern Somebody Presents: Alana Levy

The Oppy staff is proud to continue its feature, “Stern Somebody”, where we have the opportunity to tell the stories of our remarkable classmates and how they became the exceptional people they are today.

In this issue, it is our pleasure to present Alana Levy. Alana is a Langone student who started at Stern in 2019. She has eight years of experience building and scaling technology organizations in numerous capacities – from product development to program management to software sales. Currently at Flatiron Health, she partners with cross-functional teams to bring new products to market, translating product strategy into action. Alana received a BA from Cornell, a Post-Bacc from Columbia, and an MPH from the University of Edinburgh.…

Stern Somebody Presents: Jeanna Smialek

Running between the Classroom and the Newsroom

Jeanna Smialek is a part-time Stern student and a full-time Federal Reserve and Economics Reporter for the New York Times. In between balancing school, articles and her upcoming book, she made time to sit down with The Oppy for an interview. 

After going to UNC for undergrad, how did you decide to pursue economics journalism?

I had a fairly haphazard path into economics journalism. I grew up wanting to be a newspaper foreign correspondent, but then I interned at Bloomberg News the summer before my senior year of college and loved the company.…

Stern Somebody Presents: Megan Fairchild, MBAllerina

Megan Fairchild: part time MBA, full time mom and ballerina. Megan was promoted to Principal Dancer of the New York City Ballet at the young age of 20, and has been masterfully juggling academics, dance, and her personal life since grade school. The Utah native has been quarantining in France for the past couple of months, but will be returning to NYC to vote in the next few weeks. Her unparalleled work ethic has led her to be successful both on the stage and in the classroom, and I had the chance to sit down with Megan (virtually) and chat with her about her experiences as a dancer and her future career goals and aspirations post-MBA.…

Stern Somebody Presents: Matthew C. Meade

The Oppy staff is proud to continue a new feature for the paper called “Stern Somebody”, telling the stories of remarkable classmates and how they became the exceptional people they are today.

Many people have stories to share of how they overcame life obstacles and achieved success, but they don’t all publish books with steps on how to get there. Then again, Matthew C. Meade is not the average MBA student. During the week, Meade is a VP at JP Morgan Chase & Company, where he leads a team that covers multiple trading desks across various industries. On the weekends, he is getting his Executive MBA here at Stern.…

Stern Somebody Presents: Raymond Liang

It is my utmost pleasure to present to you Raymond Liang, who is our feature for this month’s “Stern Somebody.” 

Ray is a first-generation Taiwanese-American who was born in Queens, but has spent most of his life on Long Island. He is already a very accomplished young man, having earned a Bachelor’s and Master’s, prior to starting the full-time program at Stern in 2018. Before Stern he worked in Real Estate Valuation at a commercial bank. He is graduating this May and isn’t even 30 yet. To make matters worse, I mean, better, he is starting law school this fall with a plan to focus on entertainment law.…

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