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Showcasing members of the student body and what makes them the incredible individuals they are.

Stern Singles Presents: Dylan Lyons

Welcome back to another addition of Stern Singles. I’m so excited to introduce you all to Stern’s most eligible bachelor, our Mr. October, Dylan Lyons

Sternie Testimonials:

Dylan works at language start up, Babbel – you better believe he knows the language of love.

Love a man who knows his lengua. High praise Dylan

I looked up satisfaction in the dictionary, and it read Dylan Lyons

I like this somewhat dirty flirty wordy vibe you’ve got going Dylan.

I had the pleasure of meeting Dylan in person (*gasp*) at a central park picnic a few weeks ago.…

Stern Singles Presents: Kathleen Dillon

It is my pleasure to introduce you to this issue’s Bachelorette, my dear friend and sports enthusiast, Kathleen Dillon. Kathleen and I met in Impact Investing last semester, and she is hands-down one of the most positive and hard-working people I’ve met at Stern. Even though she’s busy being a Stern Chats host, an avid runner, and a stellar student, she still makes time to grab a beer and be a contributing writer for the Oppy.  

Sternie testimonials:

Blond bombshell and dreamboat extraordinaire – thoughtful, delightful, and intelligent. I definitely would.

Hubba hubba!

Tell us about yourself, where are you from and what brought you to New York?

Stern Singles Presents: Sarah Rothstein

Welcome back from summer break! The world is still a mess, but I’m here to bring some sunshine to your life and introduce you to September’s most eligible bachelorette, Sarah Rothstein.

Sternie Testimonials:

Her eyes shimmer like tequila sodas on a warm summer evening. If you want to impress her, simply say ‘Davai poydom na uzhen!’”

Wow, multicultural AND delicious. 

“Sarah’s got it all: she’s smart, she’s beautiful, and she somehow is able to make a gourmet meal on nothing but a hot plate.” 

My love language is hot plate mac & cheese.

The world looked a little different when Sarah joined Stern.…

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