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The U.S. News Ratings Fiasco

The U.S. News Ratings Fiasco

The Math Behind how U.S. News and World Report Dinged NYU Stern

Keith Riegert, Managing Editor 

Keith Head ShotKeith Head ShotHad I known that the average GMAT score for students accepted to Stern would be 560, I would have comfortably avoided the eve-of-test panic attack I succumbed to. I’m kidding, of course: While I may have panicked before the GMAT, last year’s average score for Stern was not anywhere close to 560—it was 720, right in the same spot it’s been for five years straight.

When U.S. News and World Report issued its 2017 Business School Rankings, dropping NYU Stern to #20 (thanks to a single missing value), the publication informed Stern’s administration that they had simply “estimated” the missing number.…

Letter from the Editor

NickNickHappy Leap Year! May the Earth tilt ever so slightly in the direction of your wildest dreams today. This week’s Opportunity asks a simple question: what boundaries have you pushed recently? I’m not talking about begging your girlfriend until she finally agreed to see Daredevil with you. What’s the last goal you set that felt unattainable at the time? When did you last challenge yourself to see the world from a brand new perspective, to watch the telecast of the political party you don’t identify with? (Okay, that last one was meant as a joke. I think?) If Rihanna can cover a Tame Impala track in a surprisingly successful manner, dear readers, I submit that the sky truly is the limit of our dreams.…

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