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Posts published in “Culture”

Sternies Abroad: Thanksgiving Mexico Edition

“Ocean fire,” as described by my partner (pictured)

Every year around October I can expect a massive group text from my family inviting me to the annual thanksgiving dinner at Aunt Amany’s house. Though my generation is the first born in America, our Thanksgiving is mostly similar to a conventional one – lots of family, lots of food, football on TV, kids on their cellphones and mother-in-laws critiquing their son’s wives, discussing how the season feels uncharacteristically warm again (trend anyone?).

This year, my partner and I decided to do something different – go to Mexico and avoid the whole thing.…

OppyArts Spotlight: Ernest Brockenberry

Welcome to another installment of OppyArts Spotlight, where the Oppy highlights exceptional artists navigating the Corona environment, showcases their creative process, and searches for ways for MBA students to get involved in their local arts communities. This month’s feature is Brooklyn-based musician Ernest Brockenberry.

Ernest started releasing music in 2019, culminating with the release of his first EP “Cruel Alchemy.” He started performing in early 2020 before the pandemic shifted the course of the world. While last year presented countless challenges to artists and the general public, the year allowed Ernest to build dedication to his music, his vision, and his image of himself as an artist.…

Being For the Benefit of Mr. Lennon!

It was 40 years ago today: Appreciating John Lennon

Okay, so it technically wasn’t 40 years ago today, but you can sing that with confidence, Sgt. Pepper style, on December 8th. And then feel bad that you actually sang it.

On that day forty years ago, former Beatle and forever icon, John Lennon was assassinated. His untimely, senseless death sent shockwaves around the world. So much so that to this day, every December 8th you can find scores of people braving the NYC cold, huddled up around the Imagine mosaic in the Strawberry Fields memorial located in Central Park, singing his songs for hours on end.…

OppyArts Spotlight: Gary Granata

By: Gary Granata and Conor Clark

CC: I quarantined in Tuscaloosa, Alabama volunteering at Granata Woods, a permaculture food forest created during the pandemic by Dr. Gary Granata. Gary is a farmer, community organizer, and food & good times historian. He taught me how growing and smoking your own paprika makes “the store bought stuff taste like red saw dust you put on deviled eggs.” 

I spent the day helping him place large logs on contour to create growing space on the land. The day was hot, the work was hard, the stories flowed and I sometimes had difficulty keeping pace with 60-year old Dr G.…

Stern Follies: The Little Sternmaid

I got the chance to interview the cast and creative team of this year’s Follies’ production of The Little Sternmaid, which will be airing this Friday, May 8th at 8pm on the Stern Follies Club YouTube
If you want the inside scoop on what you can expect from the biggest virtual Stern event of the year, continue reading below! 

What was your favorite or most rewarding part of Follies this year?

“The day the full cast filmed the last scene together, virtually! It was so great to see the dedication of the full cast and crew. You could feel the positive energy emanating from each Zoom screen!!”…

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