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Developing Countries Don’t Want Your Clothes

The winter holidays are a busy season for charity. What many donors do not know however, is that an overwhelming majority of donated clothing is sent to developing countries, who are now pushing back on taking throwaway clothes.

A global export market valued at $4 billion by UN Comtrade, worn clothing has been traveling mainly from the US to developing countries through the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA).

In recent years however, many African nations have vocally stood up to the fast-fashion addicted West; last June, Rwanda President Paul Kagame stated a sentiment felt across his neighbors:

“We have to grow and establish our [own] industries.”…

Luxury and Retail Face Evolution with Changing Consumer Tastes

Henri Bendel to Close After 123 Years. This Is the Beginning of the End for Lord & Taylor’s Flagship Store. Sears, KMart to Close More than 100 Additional Stores.

To anyone paying attention to the news recently, it would seem that the traditional retail industry is facing an apocalypse.

However, the members of NYU Stern’s Luxury and Retail Club feel as if the industry is not facing an apocalypse but is instead simply experiencing growing pains during its evolution. The theme of the 12th Annual NYU Stern Luxury and Retail Conference was “It’s Not an Apocalypse, It’s an Evolution” and the event highlighted how top companies are viewing the future of retail in order to to remain relevant in the competitive global landscape.…

#whomademyclothes: Remembering the collapse of Rana Plaza

The garment industry in Bangladesh has been dramatically altered since the horrific tragedy five years ago at Rana Plaza, an illegally built factory that produced clothes for Mango, Walmart and other Western retailers. The collapse of the eight-story factory killed 1,134 workers, mostly young women, who were pinned under layers of outright safety violations. While a global movement of a variety of actors, including such retailers, have made significant strides in bringing up the industry’s human rights standards, by the end of this year one of two major safety programs led by companies will expire, making the future of workers’ safety uncertain.…

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