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The Model Minority Myth: The Silence it Breeds, The Privilege it Enables, and its Impact on Social Activism

by Hugh and Douglas Mo

Over the last week or so, we have all been outraged, saddened, and dismayed. The unconscionable deaths of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Tony McDade, and the countless others at the hands of police brutality have prompted us to reflect on our own experiences as Asian Americans. We have a moral obligation to speak up and stand in solidarity with the Black community. We realized that to become better allies, we have to first examine our unwitting internalization of the model minority myth. As Asian Americans, we have both benefited from the model minority myth, a pernicious trope that we expound below.…

Make Room

My inbox has been flooded with hordes of hollow buzzwords and claims of solidarity to form a vague “we.” Not to fight for, and stand with, our black brothers and sisters, but to strengthen the brand. To sell a product. Jarrett Lucas, Executive Director of the Stonewall Community Foundation, said it best: “Informed by doctrines of capitalism and white supremacy, [we] expect good leaders to set themselves aside, to offer an objective yet discernibly human voice when representing an organization.”

We claim to be empathizing. We claim to be “with the cause,” but so many of us are caught up in the petty nuances of protest that we fail to make space and let these voices be heard.…

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