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Meet the New SGov Co-Presidents!

By Bucky Aronoff and Brittany Bui

Unlike any prior class at Stern, a hybrid/remote business school experience is all we know. All of us likely arrived at LAUNCH over the summer with high hopes and expectations of returning to normalcy, and a plan to make our first semester great no matter the circumstances. Although our class is spread around the world, we have found ways online and off to support each other through these unprecedented times. We have gone through what might be the most unusual and uncertain year of our lives together and, despite this, we have managed to achieve great things. 

Now, with vaccines being rolled out, we are hopefully approaching the tail-end of this pandemic; as a result, we all remain optimistic that our final year at Stern will be more in line with what we envisioned when applying. Even though our first year was not as expected, we have all gone through something together that no other class has, and we have the opportunity to come out of this with a strong bond that will connect us forever.

Whatever the situation is in our second year, we look forward to being able to represent all of our classmates’ voices as SGOV Co-Presidents. When we say all of our classmates’ voices, we mean it and hope that if you have questions, concerns, or ideas, you let us know. We have so many of our own plans if things go back to normal, but are also prepared if our second year is similar to our first. We wanted to serve as student government presidents to contribute to our community and help make our last year the best it can be. When it comes down to it, we have all taken two years off of work and “regular life” to concentrate on ourselves. We have uprooted our loved ones, quit jobs, and taken out loans to grow as individuals professionally and personally. We all have made this commitment, so we might as well make the most of it. We want to build the strongest Stern community we can, and have some fun along the way. When else in our lives can we afford this much time to spend developing relationships with others and networking? When else will we have this time to be introspective and pursue our passions and dreams? Life moves fast. Taking these two years has allowed us to slow down and think about what we want out of our lives and we might as well enjoy ourselves doing it!

Our goals as we take on this role are quite simple. We will:

  • Plan events (virtual and in-person) to create a close and inclusive Stern community. We want students to have the opportunity to meet Sternies outside of their current circle or network.
  • Offer more authentic and natural opportunities to connect with current MBA2s (soon to be MBA3s) and the incoming class of MBA1s.
  • Improve the recruitment process across all industries and functions. We will work closely with OCD to voice all of your concerns and suggestions.
  • Have as much fun as we can!

We plan to do as many things as we can as your co-presidents. We will always listen and amplify your voices, so please reach out anytime. We welcome any suggestions and hope to make our time as Stern as great as it can be. Stern is our home, so let’s build it together!

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