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Who watched what, where, and why?

By: Aliea Clark

Ever wonder what your MBA1 classmates were doing pre-Stern while in lockdown? Me too! Get to know the Class of 2022 through what they watched in quarantine, where they watched it, and why or why not they would recommend the show or film to a friend. 


Who: Mallory Minster, MBA1

What: Ozark!

Where: In Chicago, with her boyfriend.

Why: At first, Mallory didn’t think she would like it since she’s admittedly not a big Jason Bateman fan and “didn’t even finish Breaking Bad.” Her boyfriend isn’t a huge TV watcher, but her mom kept bothering them about how good it was. Soon, they were watching an episode every single night. Halfway through Season 2, Mallory’s mom began rewatching each episode concurrently so that episode contents would be fresh when they called her to discuss.

Recommendation from Mallory: One of the most interesting parts of Ozark was the relationships between characters and one of my favorite parts was how involved the children were. Teenagers often play unimportant secondary roles, but not here. I would recommend this show to someone who is interested in a good family dynamic and loves a good, complicated family situation!


Who: Alexa Mauro, MBA1

What: The best 10 seasons of Survivor (which, per Alexa, took shorter than it should have)

Where: In Brooklyn, where she was for the whole pandemic.

Why: Alexa’s sister loved Survivor and the nostalgia brought them together, despite being physically apart (Alexa was in New York while her sister was in D.C). While everyone else was watching Love is Blind and Tiger King, Alexa chose Survivor for the feel good comfort of better times. Don’t worry, she circled back to both Tiger King and Love is Blind. Alexa watched them with her sister,

Recommendation from Alexa: This is a great experience for people who are around her age and in need of a fantastic throwback.


Who: Galila Gray, MBA1

What: The OC!

Where: On HBOMax as soon as it came out (Galila had a calendar reminder to sign up for the service on the release date, since it was the first time all seasons of the show would be in one place online) but more specifically, she enjoyed the series from the balcony of her family home in Rockland County, NY. She does, in fact, have every season on DVD but when HBOMax pulled the series off Hulu, she knew it was going to be her best option!

Why: This classic fictional teen drama ran from 2003 to 2006 and told the tales of beautiful California teens, as they dealt with their insular and wonderful drama and personal problems. She was supposed to go to California for a conference during April and May but instead, The OC brought a taste of California right to her patio in New York.

Recommendation from Galila: Anyone looking to “lean into their nostalgia” for a simpler time (aka 2005) will enjoy this well written, well paced show that delivers on the drama.


Who: Jia Hu, MBA1

What: Medici (TV Series)

Where: On Netflix, in her old apartment in Washington DC.

Why: Jia had been working in DC prior to the lockdown. She started watching the series because she knew that the Medici family had sponsored a log of artists, but that was all she knew about them – and she was interested in learning more. Looking for something light but interesting while stuck in quarantine, she dove into the complicated story of the wealthy Italian family. She found the story lines interesting and well narrated.

Recommendation: Jia set out wanting to watch something engaging and relaxing but “this was not that.” She recommends this show to someone who is “patient and willing to sit down and invest time into the series.” She enjoyed the series because she enjoyed learning about the family and how they built a democratic frame in Italy with all kinds of drama along the way. Season one was also better than the second season in Jia’s books because of the acting – in season one the lead had a stronger presence and in season two an additional actor was added who took her out of the story a bit.


Who: Eliza Soros, MBA/MFA Dual Degree First Year

What: An Angel at my Table, directed by Jane Campion

Where: On the Criterion Channel, while in the Hudson Valley

Why: Eliza thought it hit the right notes of humor and seriousness. It was aesthetically pleasing and Jane Campion is hilarious, which was the exact tone she was looking for while in quarantine.

Recommendation: Eliza recommends this to anyone who is looking for a close to 2.6 hour long young woman coming of age person. She recognizes that this might be a very specific person, but she gives it a strong recommendation nonetheless.


Who: David Rafailedes

What: Outer Banks

Where: Netflix, while living in Ohio with his in-laws

Why: The show was super fun and light and the entire family watched it together. “My in-laws have teenage daughters and they particularly enjoyed all of the drama and characters on the show.”

Recommendation: David recommends this show to anyone who loves a good classic teen drama. He added: “I would say, it’s for anyone who wants to have a fun time with a show and not be challenged by something emotionally.”


Who: Terrence Shu

What: Tenet directed by Christopher Nolan

Where: In the AMC South Bay in Boston

Why: Terrence wanted to see Tenet in theaters and he had been “watching the seating charts regularly” to pick a day when it was empty enough that he would be comfortable going. He ended up selecting a showing which only had a few tickets sold and when he got to the theatre, only six people were seated (including himself and his partner), so he felt safe enough to enjoy the film he had been looking forward to.

Recommendation: Terrence thought it was a nice thriller and definitely a mind bender. He would recommend this to someone who has a lot of free time to perhaps watch it again then spend a few hours working it out and solving the puzzle. Oh and if they’re seeing it in theatres, he also recommends that experience to someone with a healthy immune system, just in case. 

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