Marathon Fever: Spotlight on Kelly Wall

Years Running

I’ve been running since high school. I used to play soccer in the fall and run track and field in the winter and spring. I was always running for something!

Most Anticipated Part of Running the NYC Marathon

I’m looking forward to hearing the crowds on 1st and 5th Avenues. I’ve heard they really encourage you to keep moving toward the finish line. I also have friends and family who will be cheering and waiting for me at different parts of the course, so I’m looking forward to seeing them and giving them giant hugs mid-race.

Proudest Running Accomplishment

I recently ran the Rockaway Beach Half Marathon and beat my personal record by a whole 25 minutes. I wasn’t expecting to do that since it was a hot day and I wasn’t sure I hydrated enough the night before.

How Business School Has Helped with Running

Being an MBA student while training for the NYC Marathon has made me a better runner by helping me to prioritize my time.

Listens To

Workout playlists on Spotify. When I get to mile 12, I tune the music out and focus on my breathing to make sure I stay on pace. I find that I actually forget I’m running and end up in a runner’s high!

Tip for New Runners

Make a monthly workout calendar! For each day of the month, assign yourself a workout goal—1 mile, 2 miles, cross training, etc. Having your workouts written down will help keep yourself accountable and focus on getting them in.

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