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(Updated) Marathon Fever: Spotlight on Daniel Heinrich

Years Running

My sister started running marathons a few years back and always wanted me to run one with her.  Finally I agreed to run the Banff Marathon with her in June 2016 and have been running and doing triathlons since then.

Most Anticipated Part of Running the NYC Marathon

I’m running the NYC Marathon with one of my best friends. I’m excited to run with him, but also to run all the boroughs and experience the energy of the fans and the whole city. I run and train for races all around the city, so it’s pretty powerful to actually run one of the world’s big six marathons, right here in our backyard.

Proudest Running Accomplishment

As much as I am proud of my first marathon, my most proud running moment came when I finished my first half-ironman last year in Victoria, BC.  I’m not really sure how I did it, but I was able to work full time, take all my night classes, and train for this monster race for the first half of 2017.  I did the race with some friends and our sisters, so it was a pretty special family moment to both complete the race and know I was able to balance everything throughout my training.

How Business School Has Helped with Running

Everything is about balance. Juggling a part-time MBA while also training for any race is difficult and requires a lot of discipline and sacrifice.  The organization and efficiency you learn during school translates into a training program perfectly. And, I really enjoy training and long runs as a time to destress and relax, which can really help with everything going on!

Tip for Beginning Runners

Start slow, run with a friend, and have fun!

Listens To

EDM and dance music

Running Inspiration

It’s not important how you start, it’s how you finish.

Post-Race Comments

It was amazing. #itwillmoveyou is real and the energy from the crowds was incredible the entire time.

It also gives you a real appreciation for the city, you really see everything! I ran with a friend dressed up as Mario and Luigi, mustaches and all.  We thought this would be cool, but didn’t realize how much other runners, fans and even ourselves would get into it.

Kids, adults, men, women, everyone cheered for us!  Mario and Luigi are pretty much as universal as it gets, and it brought the energy.  It was so much fun interacting with everyone and hearing the cheers along the way.

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