Marathon Fever: Spotlight on Christina Bohn

Years Running

My relationship with running has had its ups and downs through my adult life—I signed up for cross country in high school because I hated running but I wanted to like it. Ran a few 5k’s in college but really became a distance runner post-undergrad. The first week of my full time job post-grad I signed up for my first half Marathon—the Philly Half.

Most Anticipated Part of Running NYC

I’m really excited to be out on the marathon course, seeing parts of the city I’ve never been to before, seeing other runners achieve this incredible accomplishment. Last year I was able to stand at the finish line and seeing everyone’s face as they cross the finish is what really inspired me to sign up. The marathon means a lot to me because I am running with Fred’s team—an organization dedicated to fundraising for cancer research at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. A very close family friend received treatment there and my best friend is a nurse there—so I feel really strongly connected to MSK. Also, my mom is a cancer survivor so I am running in her honor with this team!

Proudest Running Accomplishment

My longest training run of 20 miles in early September. We ran from the Upper West Side down to Coney Island—felt amazing to accomplish that distance and we refueled at Nathan’s right on the boardwalk.

How Business School Has Helped with Running

I think the grit you need to train for a marathon is similar to that you need to attend school while working full time—you have to stick to your schedule and plan ahead. Lots of coffee and lack of sleep. I think it is also the skill of being able to push yourself past your comfort zone.

Favorite Running Memory

I once attended a wedding after running 15 miles and somehow managed to keep my heels on the entire time.


I am running with Fred’s Team. Here is my personal fundraising link:

Advice for New Runners

Wanting to stop is all mental. When you want to stop, think what is actually hurting? Feet? stomach? lungs? Am I bored? Sometimes that helps distract you.

Running Inspiration

My inspiration are cancer survivors, or anyone who has been through something way harder than running, also the doctors, nurses, researchers at MSK.

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