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(Updated) Marathon Fever: Spotlight on Alane Trafford

Years Running

I ran a little in college, but I picked it up more seriously in 2016.

Most Anticipated Part of Running the NYC Marathon

Setting the goal of running a marathon was part of a greater effort to make a significant change in my life—I started studying for the GMAT and started at Stern, and trained for a 5K. When I began in 2016, I couldn’t run for more than half a mile without stopping. On November 4, if all goes well, I will finish 26.2! It will be extremely meaningful to me—a tangible reminder of how far I’ve come, and how far I still have to go (though not literally—I’m never running more than 26.2 miles.)

Proudest Running Accomplishment

I did my first triathlon in August 2017—right before I started school. It was a really special experience, and something I never in a million years thought I would be able to do.

How Business School Has Helped with Running

Working full time and going to school part time means that I have a very limited window of time each day to run so, I have to budget it very strictly, and stick to that schedule.

Favorite Running Story

My boss and I signed up for a treadmill 5K at our gym with the understanding that we would choose treadmills far away from each other. When we got to the gym, there were only two machines left… right next to each other. It was really a weird.

Listens To

Almost exclusively podcasts.

Tip for New Runners

Don’t be afraid, and take it slow. When I started I was really intimidated by the people around me who were faster, and felt very self-conscious about they way that I looked running. Trust me—no one cares! The important thing is to just run.

Post-Race Comments

The NYC marathon was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I came in under my goal time and crossed the finish line with a smile. My favorite part was seeing friends and family along the course, but the most memorable moment was when I entered Central Park at Mile 24. I trained there, so that was the moment I knew I would finish the race. Through this whole training process, I told myself and others that I would never run another marathon, but now I don’t know! I’m looking at entering the lottery for Chicago in 2019.

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