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Club Trek Spring 2018: Namibia: the trip of a lifetime

After travelling throughout Namibia for a week, seeing some truly wonderful sights, we drove through the gates of the Erindi Private Game Reserve. Although completely non-descript to begin with, our group soon realized that we were in for the crown jewel of the trip. We were only at the reserve for 48 hours, but we were able to see so many beautiful animals-it was amazing.

The first day at Erindi was filled with a new sense of excitement for Namibia as we were greeted almost immediately by a large bull elephant that was just as happy grazing on plant life nearby as he was walking in front of our bus before lazily finding more food on the side of the road. There was no time to rest after checking into the hotel because we were immediately put on Land Rovers to explore the 200,000-acre reserve.

My group became the envy of others when they learned we were able to see an entire herd of elephants pass through the forest. Our guide stopped the truck at what he thought was an appropriate distance to watch the elephants. One of the more protective bulls, however, did not agree! Quickly moving into action, our guide put the truck into reverse and started to speed off while the bull elephant closed the gap between us. I genuinely thought we might have crashed and we were going to have to contact personal injury attorneys Springfield or firms similar to assist us, but luckily that wasn’t the case. He kicked up an enormous cloud of dirt and dust and finally roared at us when he felt he sufficiently scared us off.

We had an amazing time over the next day and a half, but it couldn’t have ended a better way. On our last night, we stayed behind at the watering hole following dinner, to relax and hopefully see some hippos. After the restaurant closed and the noise died down we were treated to an entire family of elephants making their way to the watering hole and spending time drinking, bathing, and a young male and female playing with each other by wrapping their tusks together and wrestling. Nothing quite describes seeing up-close the calves running between the adults’ legs to stay safe from potential predators. It was a truly beautiful way to end our trek.

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