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Doing Business in Morocco: Spring 2018

In March, a group of MBA students traveled to Casablanca and Marrakesh for the Spring 2018 “Doing Business in (DBi) Morocco and North Africa” course. Students attended lectures at ESCA École de Management on topics ranging from business opportunities in North Africa, sustainability in developing countries, to the economic, political and legal considerations of Moroccan business models.


While in Casablanca, students spent each morning with the professors and faculty at the ESCA campus. Students also heard from Lamia Merzouki, Deputy GM from Casa Finance City. In the afternoons, students went on a corporate visit to Lesieur Cristal and experienced a private tour of Hassan II Mosque, the third largest mosque in the world.


In Marrakech, students heard from Samir Lamrissi, Executive Vice President of Strategy for HPS. Students also toured the beautiful Jardin Majorelle and visited the Yves Saint Laurent Museum. The energetic Professor Raddadi provided an inside look into the marketplace known as the Souk or Medina where Sternies put their negotiation skills to the test!

Throughout the trip, students enjoyed getting to know one another over traditional Moroccan dinners and the sound of Malhun music. Students also had the opportunity to taste some of the more adventurous Moroccan specialties like camel and sheep (brain included!)

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