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WHM 2018 Student spotlight: Iryna Nazirbaeva

Iryna Nazirbaeva
European Business Society

Tell us a little about you. What are you most passionate about?

When I was 19, I left everything I had—my family, my friends, my school—to come to the USA to pursue all the opportunities it has to offer. I went through all kinds of hell that most first-generation immigrants go through: from being yelled at for the accent to the distressing feeling of solitude. However, the desire to succeed was stronger. I worked multiple odd jobs to put myself through college and get my first job. What makes me excited are the opportunities that we are offered these days. One can learn anything—from being a chef to being a scientist. The availability of resources is just overwhelming. I really wish we could all realize how lucky we are to live in these times.

What has been your personal experience as a woman in the Stern community? 

I came from a culture where discrimination against women is not uncommon. Maybe that is why I have a strong feeling that being a woman in professional life at Stern is not a flaw, but an accomplishment. I am very proud that NYU offers classes, workshops, and other resources to help women grow and overcome any obstacles.

What advice do you have for women as they pursue their own careers in business?

One piece of advice—never doubt. I used to spend a lot of time doubting and justifying myself until I learned that this leads to missing opportunities. Women should take risks, try, fail, and try again. But never doubt and justify yourself.



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