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WHM 2018 Student spotlight: Becca Schwartz

Becca Schwartz
Stern Technology Association

How do you feel about tech-intensive industries, as they pertain to women in business?

Every company is different. Most teams MBAs join after graduating will be balanced between men and women, and many of these tech-centric companies are already prioritizing gender-equality through hiring practices, empowering benefits packages and community building programs. As future leaders of the tech industry, we are faced with a challenging opportunity. How can we continue to instill these values at our organizations, and how can we improve gender equality in the workplace for future generations to come? This is something all MBAs, men and women alike, should take into consideration as they break out into the world and begin their careers.

How are some of the ways that Stern is serving its female students? How about some of the ways that it can improve?

Stern does a lot for our female student body: women-centric events, both professional and social; recruiting and admissions initiatives specifically for women; several impressive and successful female speakers that we have had visit our campus (Janet Yellen, Sallie Krawchek, etc); SWIB, and the students who power this organization. There is more to be done, though. Stern still feels male dominated (less than 50% of the student body is made up of women) but instead of addressing how this affects our experieince, we rarely discuss it, especially in a formalized setting.  I think Stern could do more to foster conversation around some of the current issues surrounding gender equality in the workplace, and not just for students – for faculty and administrators as well.

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