Stern Recovers #12 in U.S. News

NYU Stern Recovers its Strong Position in this Year’s MBA Rankings

Keith Riegert, Co-Editor-in-Chief

NYU Stern climbed eight positions in U.S. News & World Report’s annual ranking of top full-time MBA programs to #12—a giant uptick following last year’s reporting fiasco. The correction should be a big sigh of relief for the school, representing, more or less, a full recovery for Stern after a 2017’s rough whacking.

Other top schools on the list did not fair so well: Stanford, which last year had elbowed in just behind Harvard at #2, fell to #4 on account of low employment rates for graduating MBAs. And George Washington, which may have suffered a similar reporting-error that caught Stern last year, fell off the Top 100 altogether after ranking #51 last year.

The Top 20 Schools by Score and Ranking on the 2018 U.S. News & World Report ‘Best Of’ Rankings. The report was released on March 14, 2017.


As far as Stern’s other scores on U.S. News & World Reports Rankings go, West 4th cleaned up nicely:

Part-Time MBA: #3 (tied with U.C. Los Angeles)
Finance: #3
EMBA: #4 (tied with Duke)
Information Systems: #7 (tied with Stanford)
International: #8 (tied with Columbia and Georgetown)
Accounting: #9 (tied with UNC)
Marketing: #9 (tied with U.C. Berkeley)
Management: #14 (tied with MIT)
Entrepreneurship: #18 (tied with University of Washington)

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