Stern’s Healthcare Conference

Stern’s Healthcare Association Explores the Changing Nature of a Complex Industry

Jenna Charles, Class of 2018

With its annual conference this past October, the Stern Healthcare Association hosted roughly 200 attendees exploring “The Changing Face of Healthcare,” delving into the ways that technology and innovation are changing the business of healthcare. Spurred by rapid advances in tech and recordkeeping, SHA explored the ways in which the industry is continually evolving to create more transparency, efficiency, and effectiveness in the healthcare system. A panel of experts weighed in on the rise of big data, precision medicine, and drug development.

The “Emerging Technologies, Big Data, and Analytics” panel, comprising five industry experts in different segments of the healthcare market, dug into innovations in electronic health records – a crucial development affecting all patients admitted into a hospital or provider system.

Pfizer’s Susan Silbermann was the keynote speaker at this year’s Stern Healthcare Conference. Image from Diario Medico Peru

The keynote speaker, Susan Silbermann, President and General Manager of Pfizer Vaccines, spoke about the future of preventative and therapeutic vaccines to address unmet medical needs and treat serious or life-threatening conditions. She touched on the future of healthcare and the methods firms are using to tackle the industry issues.

With the 2017 fall conference, SHA plans to build on each topic and explore the ways in which they affect patients’ daily lives. The theme, “Advancing and Adapting Healthcare to Meet the Needs of the Modern Patient,” will serve as a platform to continue evolving the discussion on the future of healthcare. In a world where the healthcare landscape, both politically and scientifically, is constantly changing, business leaders must understand how to adapt to the current climate and advance the field. Crucially, SHA sees the fall conference as an opportunity to help Stern students understand this complex industry.

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