Cities of Protest

Stern Student Images from the Early Days of a New Presidency

The Senior Editorial Board

It is hard to recall a more tense start to a year around the world. Regardless of politics or views, it’s hard to disagree with the impression that this new administration has certainly come out swinging, leveling a bevy of executive orders and policy positions that is taking the United States in a markedly different direction.

The protests that have filled the streets near our campus highlight the unique demographic blend of our nation’s largest metro area, New York City.

In this issue, we are focusing on this monumental time in history by highlighting some of the First-Amendment responses that have sprung up around the country—captured by Stern photographers.

At the Oppy, we believe Stern represents this melting-pot-of-a-city through our own wonderfully diverse and thoughtful community. We also understand that the range of views regarding politics at our school is extremely broad; that is another reason our school is such a great place to study and connect. We invite you to reach out to us with your own thoughts.

Photo courtesy of Tiffany Otoya
(From top to bottom, left to right) photos courtesy of Aileen Keogh, Rachel Perry, Mike Scolnic, Charles Walker, Sarah Rubin, Julian Miller and Sarah Rubin.

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