The People Have Spoken

The People Have Spoken

Justus Hanna, EMBA

When asked where I am from, I always struggle for an answer that seems honest. This is an easy question and an easy answer for Mr. John Smith from Sioux City, Iowa, but not so easy for a man who has been constantly on the move ever since he could remember. Usually someone can derive a set of assumptions about a person based upon where that person ‘calls home’, but I do not fit into any mold that links certain preferences to a specific place; instead my preferences are based upon the many unique experiences I have had throughout my travels.

My core values stem from my father and from my time in the U.S. Army. My father, an incredibly kind and fair man, demonstrated to me the basic human values of being a good person and respecting others. The Army taught me its core values of LDRSHIP (Leadership, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage) which I feel provides an excellent set of guideposts to stay focused on when traversing through life and encountering ethically challenging situations. I believe if you can make the right decision more than you can make the wrong one, don’t be too hard on yourself and instead embrace the fallout of your bad decisions and take the lessons learned to heart so that you can continue to improve and grow as a person. No one is perfect even though many pretend to be, perhaps because society expects them to be.

My thoughts on the current divide between the different schools of thought on globalism inside and outside the U.S. is that we have spawned an uproar and ferocious and contentious debate across the world between two different worldviews. One spark from Donald Trump has now ignited masses of people to push back against the once accepted globalist agenda. We see now that the power of the mainstream media to influence its control of the populace is over. People are intelligent enough to form their own opinions based upon the unlimited sources of information available to them in 2016. Why trust the media when a President can now provide his message directly to the people, unadulterated, through twitter?

Multiculturalism and progressive policies are being reconsidered. Is it a big surprise that humans naturally identify and gravitate to those who share similarities with themselves?

Immigrants who make it to New York City want to be a New Yorker and an American. They know that they must adapt and adhere to America’s laws and customs upon arrival. This is much different than resettling thousands of Islamic migrants to the Nordics and expecting everything to be rosy. These resettled immigrants have not mentally prepared for this cultural adjustment and are not motivated to do so once placed in their new host country; they understand that the prevailing public attitude for any westerner to voice their opinion against multiculturalism will be shot down and called a racist/xenophobe/bigot. Even worse, the host governments fear the leftist backlash as well and expect their citizens to kowtow to oppressive foreign cultural norms in the name of diversity and at the sacrifice of their citizens’ wellbeing.

On a positive note, these false racist/xenophobe/homophobe/bigot narratives from the left no longer have the impact they once did, as those with a dissenting opinion have regained the courage to express their views. They are finally opening their eyes and pushing back against what they believe are oppressive societal norms and extreme cultural sensitivities being forced upon them. Corruption is now being exposed unlike any other time in our lives; WikiLeaks, hackers, and large groups of internet sleuths combined with an open and free internet can expose the lies that have been fed to them for decades; and they are furious about what they are uncovering.

Everyone is tired of the same people running the world who protect the same corrupt elites that continue to support their re-elections. The people have spoken and they have said that they do not want to have their viewpoints censored by political correctness, they want to bring down the corrupt politicians who act unethically, and they want to protect their country, their values, and their culture. Is that too much to ask?

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