Helping After Matthew

Another October, Another Hurricane

For those among us who were living in New York or New Jersey back in 2012, the memories of the destruction left by Superstorm Sandy are still fresh—four long years later. Still, it’s easy to forget how quickly nature can disrupt and demolish the rhythm of daily life. With our little island having survived the disrupting power of a powerful storm, we should feel a strong connection with those, on other islands, currently experiencing the crippling effects of what the Atlantic can produce each October.

As of this writing, category-four hurricane, Matthew, 1,400 miles south of Manhattan, is churning its way through the Caribbean. Matthew has already sideswiped Jamaica, ravaged Haiti and is moving north toward the southern U.S.—with a whole host of island nations in its way.

This issue, we simply want to take the opportunity to suggest a few easy ways to step out of the MBA grind and donate to those in the path of the storm:

International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent:



International Medical Corps:

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