Black Lives Matter

Fabienne Brookman-Amissah, MBA Class of 2017

On Wednesday, September 28, over 140 Sternies came together to support the Black Lives Matter movement in light of the recent killings of black people and continued poor policing. Many of us were there to protest the death of Terence Crutcher. What some of us didn’t know, however, was that Alfred Olango had been shot and killed the day before.

It was amazing to see the Stern community rally around an issue that affects us all, and to see the Stern community come out in support of the Association of Hispanic and Black Business Students (AHBBS). AHBBS members feel the effects of what has been going on around us; it effects how we show up at Stern, and we cannot express how amazing it feels when our classmates actually acknowledge the unfair treatment people of color by those who are supposed to protect us. It feels even better when our classmates join us in Gould Plaza to make such a statement. It’s a simple act, but it says a lot about the Stern community and what we will and will not stand for.


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