Langone Semester #1

Ten Tips for Your Langone Semester #1

Editorial Staff of the Stern Opportunity

1. As you may have suspected, deciding to get your MBA at one of the world’s most prestigious schools while holding down a full-time job (and personal life) was, in fact, a crazy thing to do. And courageous! But mostly crazy.

2. The seemingly random study group that Stern assigns you on your very first day of orientation will save your life. Get to know them. Email with them. Party with them. Actually study with them (a lot). Like you, they are talented, brilliant, driven individuals who will help you understand, and I mean really understand, ANOVA tables.

3. Go to happy hour. I know, you have work tomorrow at 8 a.m. and you haven’t started that case memo yet or slept since Sunday, but a drink (or two or three) with your core group or cohort will ease the stress and make this journey a whole lot more enjoyable.

4. For most Langone students, class is from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Feeding your self a proper, balanced nutritious meal is a challenge. Unfortunately, nobody in the Langone program has actually figured this one out; so, if you do, please, we all would be very interested to hear your solution.

5. Everybody around you is feeling the same way you are. I’m going to say that one more time. Everybody around you is feeling the same way you are. The classes are moving unbelievably fast, the homework is daunting, the papers challenging, the work-life-school balance is…sorry, what was that? It’s okay to breathe/breakdown/ panic/cry.

6. Take advantage of those saved up work vacation/sick days. I’m not implying anything, I swear, but the day before that Statistics midterm has a strange, strongly positive correlation with a “throat scratchiness that may or may not be a ‘highly contagious bug’”.

7. You will actually get sick. You’re way overworked, overstressed and under-slept. Chances are, a viral strain that hasn’t been active since the end of the Dark Ages will invade your overly taxed body and you’ll be sneezing and wheezing for two months. But don’t worry; you’ll be too busy to actually notice it.

8. Think often and fondly of your personal life. Remember those times when you and your best friend/boyfriend/ fiancé/wife inhabited the same physical space at the same time (while awake)? Ah, the memories!

9. Show gratitude to your friends, family and significant other often for their remarkable patience in not getting to see or talk to you at reasonable hours.

10. Finally, dive in. Seriously, shell out the fees for every club you are interested in during week one. Bite off way more than you can chew (it’s okay to drop things unceremoniously). Just don’t hesitate to give it all a shot. Whether this journey to your MBA takes you two, three or many more years, one thing’s for certain—it’s going to be over in a flash.

Good luck. Now, get some sleep, you’re gonna need it.

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