Welcome to Stern!

A Warm Welcome from Stern Student Government

Welcome new Stern students!

Your Full Time & Langone Student Governments are very excited to have you on campus – we hope that you’re having a blast kicking off your time at Stern!  Stern has changed all of our lives immensely and we hope that it has the same effect for you over the next few years. We’re all a tad envious that you’re just beginning this journey.

Each of you were selected to attend this program for many reasons and you each have your own reasons for attending Stern. We hope that Stern’s vast resources provide you with the tools that you need to best succeed over the next few years. Along with our fellow students, we have taken Spring Break Treks and DBi’s to other continents. These trips have expanded our perspectives on global business, and of our own our lives. As members of various affinity, cultural and professional clubs we have found incredible internships and learned about new experiences and people. We’ve consulted with local businesses and non-profit organizations through Stern Consulting Corps to improve not only our knowledge but also to better local businesses and communities. We’ve taken on leadership roles that enable us to guide the Stern experience and enact changes that will affect future generations of Sternies. We’ve shared drinks with fellow Sternies at Beer Blast or at watering holes around Washington Square Park. These same people will go on to change the business world in ways that are unimaginable today. All of this is made possible inside our hallowed Stern halls and with the incredible people that have been chosen to attend the New York University Stern School of Business.

Stern is known for its “IQ and EQ.” Throughout our time here we’ve seen this proven true time and again, and outside of school seen how unique this quality is. Since you’re reading this as a new Stern student you’ve already shown your IQ, but how can you embrace and develop your EQ while you’re here? While our Accounting, Finance and other quantitative classes are indeed taught by global thought leaders and provide us with great knowledge and career skills, don’t forget about those classes that build the ‘soft’ skills that will make you not only a great future manager, but a future leader.

As SGov and LSG leaders we’re here for you and will help you make the most of your Stern experience. We wish you the best of luck in your time at Stern – enjoy it, it’s far too short!


Alyssa Loverro, President, and Katie Cowling, EVP – Stern Student Government

Eric Kaplun, President, and Elizabeth Yash, EVP – Langone Student Government

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