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A Final Sign-Off

Headshot - Morgan WhiteThe Oppy is a love letter that Nick and I have compiled every two weeks for the last 9 months. Who are we writing to? To Stern, to MBAs at other schools, to prospective students, to alumni. To people who think the MBA can change the world. To people who think business is interesting. And to anyone else who is still reading. Yes, to you.

Sometimes we’re ghost writing (cough cough, issue one), but most of the time we’re building a perspective on life at NYU with the help of a team of talented managing editors and writers. They are a group of phenomenal people that Nick and I have learned from and grown with. They truly are “my people” (thanks, Okun), and they help Nick and I shape our perspective and point of view by helping us shape the philosophy of The Oppy.

NickNick and I wanted to compile an issue of articles that both defined this year at Stern and summed up this philosophy. This issue is our love note to our team. It is the best of their work.

Thank you to our managing editors and writers, for helping us define our MBA philosophy at Stern. I couldn’t have predicted how much I loved working with you all.

To the rest of our readers, enjoy the best of The Oppy. We had a lot of fun putting this together. It’s been an honor to edit this little paper for you. Thanks for reading.

Signing off,


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