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Over the last several weeks, NYU Stern faculty have been featured for their research and perspectives on a variety of subjects, ranging from growth in the eurozone to social media at NYFW, in prominent outlets such as The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

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Financial Times – February 16, 2016

Professor Johannes Stroebel discusses his research on the impact of reduced lending costs on the economy.

OZY – February 15, 2016

Professor Arun Sundararajan discusses the legal challenges that companies face in the sharing economy.

Channel News Asia – February 12, 2016

Professor Lawrence White comments on the increasing price of cocoa and its impact on chocolate prices in the United States.

The New York Times – February 12, 2016

Professor Thomas Cooley comments on the impact of slow economic growth in the eurozone.

The Wall Street Journal – February 12, 2016

Professor Karen Brenner comments on mandatory retirement ages for corporate boards.

The Hill – February 11, 2016

Professor Jeanne Calderon‘s testimony at a House Judiciary Committee hearing on the EB-5 investor program is highlighted.

The New York Times – February 11, 2016

Professor Scott Galloway discusses how social media has influenced some designers to abandon traditional runway presentations at New York Fashion Week.

The Wall Street Journal – February 11, 2016

Professor Adam Alter explains how the wording of luxury real estate listings can impact sales.

Bloomberg – February 10, 2016

Professor Luke Williams argues that Twitter needs to build a culture of innovation in order to thrive.

Financial Times – February 9, 2016

Professor Aswath Damodaran comments on the shift in focus from raising money to earning money among Indian start-up companies.

Marketplace – February 9, 2016

Professor Nicholas Economides explains why Indian regulators preserved net neutrality by rejecting Facebook’s “Free Basics” program.

The Washington Post – February 9, 2016

Professor Russell Winer explains why Taco Bell is marketing to a young demographic.

Yahoo Finance – February 9, 2016

Professor Roy Smith discusses Bernie Sanders’ proposal to break up big banks.

BuzzFeed News – February 5, 2016

Professor Priya Raghubir shares her views on the ongoing class-action lawsuits against retailers for deceptive pricing tactics.

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