Turkey Day Tipsheet from the Stern Culinary & Hospitality Club

Natasha Go, MBA Class of 2016

natasha 2

What are you thankful for? Whether it’s an internship offer, surprise free pizza, a successful Tinder date, or finally being able to drink the wine at a networking event, there are many things at Stern we can all appreciate. Thanksgiving will be upon us soon, and for the uninitiated students at Stern experiencing it for the first time, Thanksgiving is an imperialist American holiday during which people eat a giant meal and watch football (not fútbol) with their family members, hopefully with plentiful libations. Each Thanksgiving, nearly 47 million people travel all over the U.S. to eat 46 million turkeys; this holiday is kind of a big deal.

For many of us in the Stern Culinary & Hospitality Club, Thanksgiving is all about the food and festivity. And to me, the meal is all about the sides: from savory sweet potatoes to bacon-y Brussels sprouts to spicy cranberry relish, the Butterball bird is usually not the star of my show. If you’re headed to a Thanksgiving celebration this year, here are some pro tips from a seasoned enjoyer of hospitality:

  • Headed to someone’s home as a Thanksgiving guest? Bring a gift for your host in appreciation of their hospitality. If you’re talented in the kitchen, consider bringing a side dish. If you’re short on skills or time, pick up a pie from Four and Twenty Blackbirds, or, even better, bring wine: you can’t go wrong with a pinot noir or some bubbly. 
  • Eating at a restaurant for Thanksgiving? Make sure to leave your server an amazing tip; they’re missing out on their Thanksgiving to keep you fed and happy.
  • Heading home for the holiday? There’s no shame in staying at a hotel for some rest and relaxation. And don’t forget, Thanksgiving is the busiest travel day of the year, so leave yourself some extra time to reach your destination.

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