Beer Blast: An ELCD Case Study from the Stern Literary Journal of Business

Emily Levine and Chrissy Domenico, MBA class of 2016

Emily and Chrissy

Perhaps Emily Levine, ‘16, said it best when she remarked, “Beer Blast is as much a gift as it is a state of mind.”¹  Ask around, and you’ll find that many of your classmates look forward to Thursday because it ends with Beer Blast. We love suffocating in a humid basement, slowly heating up over the course of four hours. We love sticky floors (walking should be more challenging). We feel special when the Beer Blast guys know our orders. We live for the surprise of what the hosting club will dream up – piñatas, balloons, and birthday cakes for Jay-Z have all made appearances in the past. We have even learned to love our classmates unconditionally as a result of what always ends in profuse sweating and questionable Bar Blast decisions.

However, let’s just state the obvious: Beer Blast is simply not the same these days. You probably noticed that UC-100, our beloved Beer Blast room, has remained an undergrad bastion the last three Thursdays, while we MBAs have relocated. The venue has lacked the sense of familiarity, absent the smell of beer and cold pizza. The lively jams have been replaced by more intimate conversations. Our born-again frat alter-egos have now been forced to find validation without beer pong victories.  The downside? We’ve lost our Thursday night home. The upside?  The ceiling no longer hits Andrew Gouge’s head.²

Despite the changes we have witnessed, the (bei)root of Beer Blast remains intact: community, friendship, and, of course, Juan Pablo’s spikey hat—as does Larry White’s presence (that man just can’t stay away).  When it comes down to it, Beer Blast is the only formal opportunity we have to mingle with people outside our recruiting circles and blocks.  More importantly, Beer Blast helps to bridge the gap between the MBA1 and MBA2 classes.  We cannot overlook the one time we have every week to catch up with old friends and make new ones.

Beer Blast is going to be a bit different (as far as we know right now), but since when does different mean worse? As Chrissy Domenico, ‘16 wisely stated, “A little change never killed nobody” (please note that Domenico is aware of this grammatical error and has taken poetic liberties). Luke might say it was in need of a (insert Australian accent) disruption – and we’ve certainly got one of those on our hands. So let’s adapt and make the most of what we have available. With one Beer Blast left in the semester, we should take this opportunity to make a change for the better. Think of the possibilities: silent discos, indoor picnics, mock corporate presentations. It’s an elevated level of blast, a Beer SuperBlast, if you will. We can even call it BSB, like the Backstreet Boys (#90skids).

BB tableWhere else can you get 4 hours’ worth of beer for $10 on a Thursday night? BSB. Exactly.

We may find ourselves back in the basement when we return from winter break, but thanks to red tape and bureaucracy, UC-100 may become the Ghost of Beer Blast Past. Hopefully, we have a friend in the NYC building permits department (aka Emily has a new friend to make)³ who gives us the best back-to-school gift an MBA can ask for come February. Beer Blast has been, and will continue to be, an integral part of the Stern experience. Now it’s on the administration to find us a permanent home – one that hopefully comes with music.

¹We know we shouldn’t quote ourselves, but we just did… so deal with it.

²Andrew Gouge was available for comment, and he said “Thank you.”

³Emily was available for comment, and she said “YAY NEW FRIENDS”

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