What Scares Sternies?

Compiled by Lucy Shaw, MBA Class of 2017lucy

The Oppy asked current students what they’re most afraid of. Spoiler alert: snakes and spiders take a back seat…

It only seems fair that I share what I am most afraid of. Honestly, my immediate reaction would be birds. Not Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds. Swans, geese and occasionally ducks. What else? Honestly I was scared of coming here. I had to quit my job, take on an eye-watering amount of debt, move my life 3,000 miles to New York where I know no-one and live in an apartment I’d only seen via FaceTime. Just writing this sentence has made my heart race a little…

Sternies’ Top Fears in Life…

  1. Heights
  2. Snakes
  3. Spiders
  4. Mice
  5. The Dark

An honorable mention for NYC Rats (after #pizzarat I’m not suprised!)

Sternies’ Top Fears @ Stern

  1. Corporate Presentations
  2. Networking Circles @ Corporate Presentations
  3. Undergrads
  4. Cold Calling by Professor Silber
  5. Google Drive Failing

What Scares Sternies Word Cloud

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