Travel to the Lithium Planet: A Social Entrepreneurship Profile

Kasia Kostun, Langone Managing Editor

lithium 1

Editorial note: This is an article that really means a lot to me. It is meant to support two very great individuals: my ex-coworker from NYU, Sonia, (who now works for Planned parenthood) and her partner and photographer, Dany. Thanks for reading, and please don’t hesitate to touch base if you’d like to get involved.

Dany Krom is an award winning photojournalist, storyteller and visual  artist, with over 12 years of experience covering stories about people, social conflict, cultural diversity and the environmental crisis in South America.

lithium 3His most recent work takes place in the Uyuni Salt Flats of Bolivia, famous as being the largest salt desert in the world, and most recently known as the location of the largest lithium reserve in the world. Lithium, a cleaner energy source, has the potential of shifting the rate at which we are currently contaminating our earth with fossil fuel, by offering an environmentally greener option.

In recent years a lithium extraction and industrialization plant was launched in this Salt Desert, as a response to the effects of global warming. Dany has gone to Uyuni twice to follow the progress of this lithium plant, and the effects this progress is having within the small communities that reside and work in this area. The pictures taken thus far are noteworthy, and have caught the eye and mentorship of National Geographic photographer David Alan Harvey; who confirmed that the story could be of interest to National Geographic Magazine, but… more work needs to be done to deepen the story, and offer Nat Geo’s readers a window into the life of the people who live in this mysterious land, and the effects the lithium expansion was having in their day to day lives.

lithium 2This is a story about clean energy, about impoverished communities,about beauty and about following a lifelong dream of being published in the media giant National Geographic Magazine. In order to finish the Lithium Planet story, and share the story of this cleaner energy source in the media giant that is National Geographic, Dany has launched a crowdfunding campaign via KickStarter, to raise the necessary funds to complete the expedition. The campaign will run until November 17th, for those looking to get involved!

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