Jinghis du Jour: Mighty Quinn’s East Village

Jin Zhou, MBA Class of 2016

Restaurant: Mighty Quinn’s East Village
Address: 103 2nd Ave (2nd Ave and 6th St)
Cuisine/Style: SCARY-GOOD BBQ
Price Range: ~$15 (for light appetites) to ~$30 for lunch + drink

On the corner of 2nd Ave and 6th St, there lies a black abattoir, filled with smoke and blades and the hissing of steam and the roar of fire. A dark temple to the gods of the pit, fueled by stacks of aged hickory and sweet maple, slowly transforming hunks of meat into juicy, succulent pieces of nirvana that strikes directly into the heart of those who dare to enter. They say that one bite, one slip of the tongue, and your soul is snatched away forever. It remains incomplete until you return through the black gates again and prostrate yourself before the register, exchanging all you hold dear for one more bite of brisket. Or sausage. Or pulled pork. Or a rib. Or-you get the idea now, I hope.

Nestled snugly in the middle of East Village, Mighty Quinn’s is a New York institution, serving up some of the absolute best BBQ in NYC’s five boroughs. Stylistically, you can look forward to Memphis-style spareribs and pulled pork as well as Texas-style brisket, burnt ends, beef ribs, and chicken. For those of you less versed in the intricate differences between different styles of BBQ here in the US, a rough description would be the following: Memphis knows pork better than anyone else, and Texas knows beef better than anyone else. (Jin ducks to avoid the barrage of torches being thrown by the fine folks in the Carolinas, Kansas City, and Atlanta who do NOT take kindly to the insinuation that Memphis knows pork better than anyone else)

This place is delicious, but decidedly NOT vegetarian-friendly. For the love of all that is delicious, the baked beans have brisket end pieces in it, and the broccoli slaw has BACON in it. You can eat some vegetarian/vegan dishes here, but there are far superior choices in the East Village available to you.

When you do get there, the sheer amount of options available may send you into a momentary meat indecision coma, but fear not, my pretties-this is why I am here. On your first visit, start with the brisket (ask for the juicy pieces-massive slabs of melty, umami-filled bovine goodness) and the pulled pork (hand-pulled from massive, whole shoulders in front of you), get all the sides you can reasonably handle (pickled veggies and slaws come free, but splurge a bit and get the charred cinnamon baked beans with burnt brisket ends or the dirty frites, smothered in green chili sauce, brisket, and onions), grab a Shiners beer or a glass of tall, cold sweet tea, and prepare to have all of your senses temporarily robbed as you take the express train to HOLY GOD ON A FLAMING POGO STICK THIS IS DELICIOUS AND I NEVER WANT TO BE AWAY FROM THIS.

If you’re REALLY willing to splurge a bit, go for the Brontosaurus Rib ($23), a three-pound hunk of beef shortrib attached to a bone large enough to serve as a melee weapon afterwards in case you get pressed into duty as an impromptu extra in “The Walking Dead.” If you still have space afterwards, try the seasonal bread pudding (most recent flavor: Fireball Cinnamon and Irish Cream) and grab a pound of brisket and sliced smoked sausage to go to make some sandwiches for your friend.

Final Rating: 4.5 out of 5. BBQ to absolutely die for, great location close to school and nightlife, reasonable prices and portions for NYC, loses a tiny bit on a low throughput rate on the service.

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