Ask the (Pretentious, Arrogant) New Yorker

Q: FOMO [Fear of Missing Out] is pretty much the worst thing ever. Like last Thursday, I went to a club board dinner, beer blast, my cousin’s dog’s birthday party, and then bar blast – and when my study group went to karaoke I obviously couldn’t say no because what if they decided I’m not a team player? I was so hungover the next day I missed my mock interview with OCD, but I’m afraid I’ll repeat the mistake when the REAL interviews start. What do I do?

A: FOMO in business school? Seriously? That’s everyone – ever notice how the entire world has entirely too many things to do?

Also, when was the last time you went to a social event that was *actually* OMG SO AWESOME that you felt like anyone not there was missing an earth-shattering experience? Yeah, I can’t remember either. Just ask all the MBA2s who are skipping the LABA party, Charity, Ball, etc.

But since I’m feeling in a particularly helpful mood today, I’m going to let you in on a little secret: re-evaluate your frame of mind when it comes to these events. You know that friend you have who is usually super busy and can’t always come out, or who goes to bed early sometimes? You tend to like hanging out with that person more then, right? Think of the events you go to as carefully crafted uses of your valuable time.

Make yourself scarce sometimes and people will miss you. If you are at every. single. event. then your friends are far more likely to get tired of you (sorry, but it’s true). Instead, at the events you do go to you can just be all “HEY GUYS I’M HERE” and it will be that much more awesome. Trust me on this.

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