The Arts & Culture Club: Welcome

Lauren Pearl and Jeremy Wimmer, MBA Class of 2015

Y’know that friend you have? The one who always seems to be getting free concert tickets… That guy who knows the artist… Who somehow has Instagram pictures eating Joe’s Pizza with Kristen Wiig… The dude who always knows the secret password to cut the line at the club?*

Here’s the long and the short of it: We at the Stern Arts & Culture Club want to be that friend. And I know that at least half of you probably already have a friend like that (because you’re from New York City or Los Angeles and you already rule the world). But whatever, because that friend doesn’t love you as much as we do. He has other friends. But we don’t. You. Are. Our. Only. Friend.

And like any loyal friend, we want only what’s best for you. We promise to do all that we can to get you in for cheap, backstage, drinking with the performers, and even performing yourself (which is easier to do after we get you drinking). We have some awesome things already on tap for this year. Starting with what we’ve already done; a lovely Boozy Gallery Crawl where Sternies schmoozed and admired the work at some of Chelsea’s swankiest art spaces. Next up was an underground art showcase in Redhook of New York Times photographer and New York City Ballet, dancer, Devin Alberda. The 6-piece Stern team lucky enough to get spots at that event not only got to meet the NYC Ballet performers featured in the photographs, but also got to take home a photo from the show…

“What’s next,” you say? Fall semester will feature more galleries, live music action, and some exciting opera events. Watch out in October for a small offering of exclusive tickets to, “HOTEL ROOM,” presented by MBA/MFA, Calla Videt. It will be a magical and innovative film/live performance showcase with catered dinner, dessert, and cocktails. Rumors have also been spreading about a Stern Talent/Art Show sometime before winter break. And for those of y’all who plan to make it rain someday (Hint: All of you), check out our Art Business panel this spring, where financial researchers, dealers, and gallery owners will discuss art collecting, investing, and the art business in general.

In sum, we here at the Stern Arts & Culture Club aim to please. If you have an arts itch that isn’t getting scratched, then hand us the proverbial Brookstone back scratcher. Whether it’s knowing the best jam studios near school (my favorite is in LES but there’s one place with a particularly horrifying bathroom worth seeing in EV… ask Rabsky), or getting consulting experience with an art organization (talk to Tara Hankinson), we will do our best to make whatever you need in regards to the arts happen. We might not know Kristen Wiig personally, but we probably know someone who does.

Keep it Artsy, Stern.

Love, The ACC

*Actually, if you don’t already know that dude, he is an MBA2 named Alex Chassin

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