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You guys!

It’s almost October, and I’m only just feeling like my head is going to explode. Which is pretty remarkable, don’t you think? I’m fairly sure that last year, it took about one day (possibly only one hour) before I felt so inundated with Stern-ness that I was afraid I would walk away from LAUNCH with an accidental torch tattoo. So MBA1s, that’s what you have to look forward to for your next year: almost a full month of semi-relaxation (which is really just filling your day with 20 hours of activity instead of 23, but it’s all relative).

In the past month, I’ve also started to make the Oppy office in the leadership lounge start to feel like home. And by that, I mean that I’ve stocked our mini-fridge with Coke Zero and have stopped wearing headphones entirely. Does anyone know why Coke keeps imploring me to share my Coke Zero with a ________, by the way? A Bob, or a Sarah, or what have you. Are they not aware of the common cold germs flying around this building come October?

I hope that everyone is enjoying the introduction of a crisp autumnal breeze to our weather repertoire, and acclimates more quickly than I have to what we’re supposed to wear at this time of year so that we’re not sweating by the time we get to school and then freezing any time we enter a classroom. By the time I figure that delicate balance out, it will be snowing.

A quick plug to think of some Halloween-themed articles for our next issue. We want to hear all about your best costume ideas, feelings on the best candy, and deepest fears!

Your Pal and EIC,


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