Day in the Life of a Langone Student

Victoria Fabiano, Langone class of 2015

Marketing. There are so many different types of jobs that fall under “marketing.” My first role out of undergrad was the typical marketing role most people think of: brand management. I spent over a year at Dannon working on Activia before I traded in yogurt for makeup at Estee Lauder Companies. The marketing that I did at Clinique is very similar to what I do at my current role at Bath & Body Works—new product development. Finding white space in the market and then creating new products, aligned with the brand image and equity, from concept to execution. Everything from building cost of goods, to briefing design teams to figuring out the right color, name, and packaging is my responsibility. My role encompasses much of typical brand management duties, but skews more heavily toward innovation. While I worked at Clinique, I only launched a handful of products per year because the lead times were so long, but since Bath & Body Works is a retailer, our lead timers are months compared to years.

While strategic vision and project management are vital for my role as a product manager for soaps, cross-functional relationships are crucial as well. Bath & Body Works is part of L Brands (Victoria’s Secret, Henri Bendel, etc) and the headquarters is in Columbus, Ohio, so I work with many partners in a different office. From product development to finance to the retail team that strategizes the in-store merchandising, it’s important to work extremely quickly, since we read our sales daily (if not hourly) and react very fast. It’s important to understand that even if you are recruiting for a CPG that happens to be a retailer, they function as a retailer first and foremost and that’s fast (and intensively focused on productivity per square foot)!

L Brands as an employer is excellent. The work/life balance is exceptional (hence I switched jobs while I attending the Langone program and they loved that I am pursuing my MBA). They also make it easy for us to visit the HQ frequently by providing a private jet between the Soho and Columbus offices. It definitely helps to close the gaps and allow us to attend those important meetings, gaining exposure to the executive team.

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