Restaurant Review: Forno Rosso


Federico Grigi, MBA Class of 2015

New York spoils us, in many ways. Personally, I indulge myself with the huge variety of restaurant and cuisines the boroughs offer. Sometimes, however, I miss the taste of my homeland and in these moments of special need I feel frustrated about the Italian restaurant scene in New York. I classify Italian restaurants here in two buckets: expensive but good, or cheap but fake. What I couldn’t find was a good and reasonably priced place. This held true until two weeks ago, when I went to a friend’s of mine new restaurant, Forno Rosso (327 Gold Street, Downtown Brooklyn).

The chef is Giuseppe Marrone, from the gorgeous Naples (see his bio below) and the staff is largely born and raised in Italy. Needless to say, the cuisine is actually Italian. Let me be specific. That means fresh ingredients, and not many ingredients on the same plate—otherwise, it gets impossible for your taste buds to properly discern the different nuances of Giuseppe’s specialties.The chef sticks to these principles as religiously as Prof. Damodaran does to his spreadsheets. And the result is that after the first visit you’ll go back.

The restaurant features wood-fired brick oven pizza, a greatly refined yet traditional design, high ceilings, and a very professional staff. More important though, its consistently delicious food makes it the perfect place to relax with friends, meet with business partners or bring a date. Before writing this piece, I went twice. The first tim,e I had a selection of appetizers (carpaccio, figs and gorgonzola cheese, mozzarella) and pizza – one of my favorites in New York. The second time, I had other appetizers (prosciutto and burrata and rosemary focaccia) and spaghetti with clams—very tasty and balanced—and Giuseppe’s signature Nutella Pizza (mindblowing!). The chef likes to cook with what he finds fresh the same morning, so it is very likely that you won’t get the same things twice.

If you think I might be biased because it’s an Italian restaurant and because the chef and I are buddies, well, that is fair enough. I might be. However, if the experience had been not worthy of my time and money, I would have told my friend to shut the place down and buy some fixed income securities. But here I am, telling you to stop eating pasta with Alfredo sauce (for God’s sake, who’s Alfredo?) and reserve a table at Forno Rosso.

Pizza from Forno Rosso


Giuseppe Marrone’s Bio

Born and raised in Naples Italy, Giuseppe Marrone spent his formative years training at the renewed IPSSAR ” Angelo Celletti ” in Formia, on the outskirts of Naples, where he learned the mastery of Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. 

After graduating, Giuseppe went to work at the famed restaurant San Domenico in Imola Italy, under the guidance of the master Italian chef Valentino Mercatilli. He also worked for a while in Switzerland at “Kulm Hotel” in St. Moritz with the executive chef Hans Nussbaumer. From there he went to ” The Ritz ” Hotel in London with executive chef John Williams. 

He has been working around the clock these past years in New York as private chef, restaurant consultant and with his many contacts and professional partnerships in the food business by offering catering services throughout NY, the Hamptons and more for highly demanding events such as the ones organized for the fashion week, movie productions, and celebrity private parties. Forno Rosso is his most recent gastronomical effort and confirms him as one of the most promising and exciting personalities in the New York food scene.

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