Internships out of NYC: Seattle

Jake Singer, Class of 2015

The Emerald City. House of Macklemore. The Space Needle looming large, Mount Rainier lurking in the distance. How lucky was I to have 12 weeks with you, just in time to clear my mind after a lovely but hectic year of business school in New York? I’ll say. From our first weekend together I was taken with your luscious mountains and accompanying vistas. Hikes and kayaking replaced bagels and hangovers as the weekend routine. How could anyone harbor stress when walking by Lake Union everyday? After particularly busy workdays when a stronger tonic was required, a host of nearby beaches was still bustling with volleyball, barbecues, and beer, all made possible by your majestic late sunsets.

The rain, they said, what will you do when it rains? The usual things, I figured, umbrellas and such. But I never found out, because you spared me. In fact I can hardly recall any full season of better weather anywhere I’ve ever lived. And though not blessed with great size, you still pack quite the cultural and community punch. Each neighborhood with a quirkier and more hippy-ish weekend festival than the last, your true character is in the weirdness of your inhabitants. Your restaurants are affordable, diverse, and excellent, your market is delightful, and the healthy lifestyle you inspire is invigorating.

Of course, no one can be perfect, and you were always destined to fall just short when compared to a sexy other such as New York. New York remains the epitome of city living. Its walkability, scope, and population of intelligent, ambitious people are peerless. But Seattle, where you fall most short when measured against this behemoth is in your nightlife. Oh Seattle, how I wish I could have fully submitted to you, but alas, your weekend nights leave too much to be desired. Your pockets of activity are too sparse and distant, and while each is reasonably fun in its own right, the options are quite narrow. Nights lose steam far before bars close at 2am.

Not so in New York. New York is a specialist in the ‘I don’t know how but I didn’t get home until 5am’ night. Each night in New York is an open adventure, an endless possibility, a limitless stretch of fun. Seattle, I may end up once more in your warm embrace, but for now, New York is my home. New York. You drive me crazy, you indebt me, you shoehorn me. But New York, I can’t quit you yet.    

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