Haiku Faceoff: One MBA1 vs. Two MBA2s

Miles Styer, MBA Class of 2016

Gentle breaths flutter.

The bathroom hand-dryers are

Completely useless.

All that remained were

Roasted veggie sandwiches.

The darkness is here.

Want the status quo?


No, really, get out.

Long drops of water

A magnificent cascade.

You like my back sweat?

I just left my job.

I simply won’t think about:

Summer internship

Dear old friends of mine,

Can’t wait to see you again.

Are you free in March?

Dean Peter Henry.

I will never look that good

In a purple tie.

Thought about the gym.

That’s f–king hilarious.

Pizza in block lunch.


There are so many of them,

And they are so young.

Don’t be jealous of

This executive realness—

LinkedIn profile pic.

So many readings.

We haven’t had the first class.

Already behind.

In between classes,

The frantic, daily search for

An open bathroom.

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