From the Editor

Hello there!

By this point, now that we’ve had our MBA1 kickoff (you’re welcome for those delicious dumplings), hosted the first Beer Blast of the year and attended the Langone Club Fair, I fully expect that this letter will be read by every single member of the student body, so I’d better buckle down and get serious.

I know that the past couple of weeks have probably been hard on everyone. Homework is starting to build up, resumes are receiving crazy amounts of personal-seeming edits (what do you mean, I “have to take ‘good at hugs’ out of my ‘Additional Information’ section”?), and our overlords at Apple are forcing us to drag around that new U2 album like so many bags of rocks. But, there’s lots of great stuff coming down the pike as well.   For the MBA2s among us, we’ll soon have our pick amongst the MBA1s for who will fetch us coffee and shine our shoes…I mean, um, provide valuable services as our new club AVPs. I imagine that you MBA1s are finally starting to get the hang of Porter’s Five Forces. And if you haven’t already heard, the Apparently Kid apparently got a commercial in which he gets smothered by puppies (I am not joking)!

But forreal, I hope all of you are massively enjoying the beginning of the school year, and if for any reason you’re not, and you need a little pick-me-up, just send an e-mail my way. I’ve got a pretty super photo of a turtle dressed up as a hamburger that will cheer you right up.

Your pal and EIC,

Chelsea Colby

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