NYU Entrepreneurs Festival


At the end of the month, New York University will host its third annual NYU Entrepreneurs Festival to celebrate its vibrant and growing startup culture. It is an event that enables startup founders, investors, and prospective entrepreneurs from within the NYU entrepreneurial community to share their experiences, exchange valuable insights, and provide advice on creating new ventures with our students, faculty, and alumni.

As Frank Rimalovski, Executive Director of the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute, said, “The growth of entrepreneurship initiatives across NYU has galvanized the startup community in New York City, creating an increasingly tight knit ecosystem that feeds off of each other’s talent, support and resources…The third annual NYU Entrepreneurs Festival will celebrate NYU’s rich entrepreneurial history and growing startup community.”

The Festival draws on NYU’s rich history of entrepreneurship, beginning in 1831 when Samuel F.B. Morse, a professor at the university, perfected his invention of the telegraph. NYU students, faculty and alumni have since built innovative companies such as Arista Records, Audible.com, Bloomberg, Etsy, Fairchild Semiconductor, Foursquare, Pinterest, Southwest Airlines, Sugen, and Symbol Technologies, among countless others. These groundbreaking companies have helped NYU build a name as an entrepreneurial university—a hub of talent, technology and innovation.

It is an event that demonstrates the depth of the NYU startup community and the University’s commitment to expanding access to resources, including entrepreneurial education, funding, and incubators. It builds on the enthusiasm and momentum generated during the first two NYU Entrepreneurs Festivals, which attracted hundreds of attendees, to share the stories of successful entrepreneurs and inspire others.

This year’s Festival will feature more than 70 entrepreneur panelists, speakers, and exhibitors — all NYU student, faculty or alumni startup founders — keynote speakers include: John Johnson, co-founder of Buzzfeed and executive director of the Harmony Institute; Jeff Dachis co-founder of Razorfish and founder of the Dachis Group; and Glen De Vries, co-founder and president of Medidata Solutions. In the past, the Festival has featured Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter; Dennis Crowley; co-founder of Foursquare; Herb Kelleher, co-founder of Southwest Airlines; and Fred Wilson, managing partner of Union Square Ventures and an NYU trustee.

The 2014 NYU Entrepreneurs Festival is a joint effort of the student leaders of the NYU Entrepreneurs Network, the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute and the NYU Stern Berkley Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation, collectively bringing together NYU’s eighteen schools, colleges and institutes.

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Date: February 28 and March 1, 2014
Location: Tisch Hall, 40 West Fourth Street, New York City (at Greene St.)

For more details, nyuef.com

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