KW's Year in Review

Krystal Walker, MBA Class of 2014

It’s that time of year again… No I’m not talking about the hell that is finals period at Stern. Nor am I talking about the act of decking halls with boughs of holly. I live in the Palladium – I don’t have room for “boughs,” maybe a “sprig” if I pin it to the ceiling. Rather I’m referencing the bounty of “Year-In-Review” lists that populate our media outlets at this time of year reminding us of the highs and lows of our society during the past year. Well in the spirit of said lists, here is a list of Highs & Lows of Fall 2013-Stern Edition.

1. Passing of Grade Non-Disclosure: It’s about time Stern! To the all those against it—look around you: Academic anarchy has not commenced, the second floor reading rooms remain over crowded with students feverishly studying in an effort to but their best effort forward.
2. SWIB’s discussion of Gender Issues at Stern: If I could make one improvement to Stern it would be to create  more opportunities to discuss the role of gender and race within business. Special thanks to the women of SWIB for creating a space to discuss how gender effects the classroom experience. The Wellesley in me, is salutes for the feminist in you.
3. Charity Ball:with the exception of the death trap known as the “Coat-Check,” I’d say it was a success! Definitely an improvement from last year—keep up the good work SWIB.
4. Improvements to the food options in Sosnoff Lounge. (FYI the Sushi is half off starting at 6:00pm
5. The ten days off for Thanksgiving Vacation

1. The departure of Lizzette Hernandez, Assistant Dean, Office of Student Engagement.
2. The fire alarm, that wasn’t a drill. Note to self: do not keep writing thank you emails when the Fire Alarm goes off
3. Never being able to find a seat in the 2nd Floor Reading Rooms. Seriously, it’s getting ridiculous—we need more study spaces at Stern.

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