Gluten-Free Eats Near Campus

By Victoria Fabiano, Langone Class of 2015

What is gluten you ask? Gluten is a protein composite in foods processed from wheat and other cereal grains. It’s obvious that people who are gluten-free can’t have bread or cake, but there are a variety of other things that contain gluten, like soy sauce and Twizzlers! Bottom line, it makes some people, like me, really ill.

So, if you’re celiac (aka, a glutard, according to urban dictionary) or just voluntarily gluten-free, here is a list of non-cardboard tasting gluten-free eats around campus:

Crumbs – Gluten Free
37 East 8th St (University/Broadway)
212 673 1500

Crumbs jumped on the g-free bandwagon and opened a completely gluten-free location just a stone’s throw from campus. They also carry dairy –free cupcakes, along with a variety of gluten-free bread and other desserts. I highly recommend the classic sized Red Velvet cupcake.

270 Bleecker Street (6th /7th Ave)

This place saved me when I first was diagnosed with Celiac. Risotteria is a restaurant (though there are about 8 tables, so you most likely will have to wait), but it also sells mixes and frozen meals. The gluten-free breadsticks are absolutely phenomenal. If you’re not dining in, you can buy them by the half-dozen – and I also recommend grabbing a bag of their chocolate chip cookie mix. If you have time to stay and can actually get a table, the gluten-free pizza is top notch and the variety of gluten free (and optionally dairy-free) risotto are awesome.

Otto Pizzeria
1 Fifth Avenue (10th St)
212 995 9559

One of Mario Batali’s many restaurants in NYC. This place is literally always packed (good thing they’re on Opentable). The menu is limited, but the food is solid and extremely well priced. Otto can make the pasta dishes gluten-free, but unfortunately you’ll have to go to Risotteria for your pizza fix.

535 Laguardia Place (W 3rd/Bleecker)
212 477 8125

Bareburger has a wide selection of different types of burgers and they offer regular, vegan and gluten-free buns. The rice buns actually stay together and don’t turn into a mushy mess, like many other gfree buns. This is a great place you can go with your gluten-enjoying friends and not feel like you’re inconveniencing anyone. They also deliver (thank goodness for seamless).

Sacred Chow
227 Sullivan St (W 3rd / Bleecker)
212 337 0863

This cozy place isn’t only gluten-free – it’s vegan, organic AND kosher. From paninis to tapas, Sacred Chow has excellent food and a staff that is passionate about their cuisine. One piece of advice: don’t forget the Vanilla Cheesecake Gnocchi for dessert.

Other GF Restaurants:

I haven’t tried these yet, so don’t blame me if they’re rubbish:  Kesté Pizza & Vino (271 Bleecker Street), Gobo (401 Avenue of the Americas) and Wild (535 Hudson St).

Warning: when a restaurant also serves food containing gluten, there is a chance of cross contamination and therefore even if the ingredients are gluten-free, the end product may not always be 100% gluten-free.

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