Doodle Dictionary

Dan Gidycz, MBA Class of 2014

We all love (or should love) Doodle, the simple but brilliant online service that makes it possible for study groups to sit down long enough to divide up projects, and more than 4 people to decide when, to say nothing of where, to host a wild happy hour.

However, through communication with my fellow LAUNCH Captains (Regular readers of this tabloid will recall that LAUNCH must always be capitalized) I learned that few people are familiar with the loose collection of special Doodle circumstances and their names. As I began to share these with my cohort, support grew for them to be collected into a short glossary and included in the pages of this rag, which is a cacophemism for a periodical, especially one lacking journalistic quality. Janet Lyden referred to the possibility of such a glossary being constructed as “Amazeballs,” which is also the entire content of my review of JB Reed’s video of his learning to pop a wheelie on a Citibike. So here it is. Dropping Doodle knowledge bombs:

When you fill out a Doodle and can’t find a time that works it’s called a ‘Poodle’. This is a play on words involving the fact that a poodle is a breed of dog, bred to be a strong swimmer and typically associated with a prim attitude and overwrought hairstyling. However, “Poo”, or “PooPoo” is an infantilized euphemistic slang for feces. This is very funny and you should be laughing about it.

Intentionally leaving someone off a Doodle is called a ‘Sloodle’. That is, you have been slighted by way of the Doodle; it’s a simple portmanteau.

When you accidentally archive a Doodle without filling it out it’s called a ‘Whoopsidoodle’. This is the plague of the overzealous inbox cleaner.

Receiving a Doodle but defiantly refusing to fill it out is called a ‘NoNoNoodle’, which was derived as an homage to the NoNoNo cat, of Internet™ fame. Seriously, how do you not know about NoNoNo Cat? You’re all working too hard.

When nearly all persons on a Doodle are available at multiple times, but one person always has a conflict, this person is a ‘Foodle’. We pity the Foodle.

When you invite someone to join an event after the Doodle has been used to decide on a time, it’s called a ‘Caboodle’, referential of the fact that this person is the caboose, the final car in a train. Too many Caboodles could cause the original Doodle to have to be revisited to accommodate their schedules.

When everyone invited to the Doodle is available at one time and one time only, it’s called a ‘Golden Doodle’. This refers to another breed of dog, but includes no excrement pun. The irony of the Golden Doodle is that you never needed a doodle at all: one person could have just said, “I’m only free Tuesday at 130, and then everyone else would have been like “Yeah, me too, whoa” and then the time for the meeting is decided. Achieving a Golden Doodle is evidence of doodle over-use. Doodle dependence. You need to go to ‘Rehaboodle’.

When you have two Doodles battling in a bottle, it’s a Bitter Butter Battle Poodle Noodle Doodle in a Bottle. Best to avoid this if possible.

Thanks are due to Brad Stein and Liz Batsche. With apologies the Fox in Socks.

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