From the Desk of El Presidente: Operation Cross-Pollination

One day long ago, someone looked at a glass of milk and a bowl of ice cream and realized they could make a milkshake. Today, milkshakes are enjoyed all over the world.

Like recipes, ideas are generated by combining two or more known elements in a new way. This is how humans innovate and solve the world’s most challenging problems. At Stern, we have a laboratory filled with IQ, EQ, ambition, and a bit more time than most of the world’s people have in deciding the future. So, what do we do now?

You either just returned from a summer filled with long hours, office attire, stressful corporate jargon and managing things, or you just got here. Regardless of where you came from, you’re here now. We’re here now. And it’s our job to get to know each other – be you a banker, Army Ranger, consultant, expert negotiator, artist, educator, go-getter, arms dealer, zookeeper, finger painter, fundraiser, politician, or fashion icon. Don’t forget: “opposites attract”. So go to that random talk on economics from some CEO who all the kids in suits seem to respect. Approach that quiet guy sitting in Sosnoff and ask him what he thinks about the situation in Syria. Join that soccer league filled with fresh-faced South American MBA1s. Ask that cute MBA2 on a date. Get to know your classmates. We are here to exchange ideas, expand our networks, and innovate. Break out of that comfort zone, embrace the first few awkward moments that come with most, if not all, initial contact, and watch the human element take flight.

Stern Student Government (“SGov”) is dedicated to making Stern a better place through improvements both big and small. If you have an idea that you believe has support and will make the school better, let us know. Beforehand, do a little homework. Ask what your friends think and propose a couple of solutions. As we open the school year we want to remind people not to settle for a simple bowl of ice cream. Mix it up. We’re all in this together, and working together, we will make Stern the most important business school on the planet.

Shawn McClain, President
Thomas Hamnett, EVP

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